|A look at the travel plans 1

【Departure Date】

Nov 01,2020 ~ Jan 31,2021
※Excluded Period:
 Dec 28,2020~Jan 05,2021





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旅行代金   13,500円~30,000円
お支払い実額  8,800円~19,500円

往復船利用代( 印通寺港⇔ 唐津東港間)、宿代(1泊2食 または1泊朝食)


【Plan Benefits】

壱岐牛と唐津牛の食べ比べセット 1万円相当

このプランご利用のお客様先着 300名にプレゼント!
小人 /唐ワンくんラバーキーホルダーと唐ワンくんショルダーバッグ

■Travel Planning and Execution
Nagasaki Prefecture Prefectural Government Registration Act(地域) No.172
Domestic Travel Service Supervisor Takajō Hiromi
General Incorporated Association Iki Tourism Federation
811-5133 620-1 Honmura-fure, Gōnoura-chō, Iki City
Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
TEL: (81) 0920-47-3715 / FAX: (81) 0920-47-5302

* Before making a reservation be sure to read the travel contact. ( Travel contract download
Base pricing: 4,600 yen ~ 25,300 yen
|A list of the experience plans 33
Fishing on a Boat with a Fisherman Experience Fee: 6,000 yen ~ 30,000 yen
Fishing on a Boat Experience(kanpachi) Fee: 10,800 yen ~ 17,400 yen
Fishing on a Boat Experience(sunahamakai) Fee: 13,200 yen
Sea Kayaking Experience Fee: 3,100 yen
Beach Yoga Fee: 3,000 yen
Sandy Beach Walk Experience (with guide) Fee: 2,000 yen
Starlit Sky Appreciation Fee: 3,700 yen
Ikikoku Sea Kayak Experience Fee: 3,500 yen
Experience making the local cuisine: Taimeshi Fee: 1,500 yen
Hikitoshi Hot Pot Cooking Experience Fee: 18,000 yen
Iki (Ishu) Tofu Making Experience Fee: 15,840 yen
Experience Making Oshi-zushi Fee: 16,800 yen
Sushi Cram School Experience Fee: 3,500 yen
Experience Earthenware Painting Fee: 600 yen ~ 2,400 yen
TEBINERI (handmade) Fee: 1,200 yen
French Magic Kapla Blocks Workshop Fee: 1,200 yen
Wax Bowl Creation Fee: 2,400 yen
Pearl Accessory Creation Experience Fee: 2,400 yen ~ 4,800 yen
Island Herbarium Experience Fee: 2,500 yen
Sea Candle Making Experience Fee: 1,720 yen ~ 2,700 yen
Sea Glass Pendant Making Experience Fee: 1,220 yen
Picture Frame Making Experience Fee: 2,200 yen
Fishing Fire Lamp Lure Making Experience Fee: 2,330 yen ~ 4,300 yen
Cow Horn (Iki cow horn / deer horn) Accessory Making Experience Fee: 3,060 yen
Ikiquarium Making Experience Fee: 2,570 yen
Happy Stone Experience Fee: 2,050 yen ~ 2,500 yen
Puchi Puchi Experience Fee: 1,030 yen
Pilgrimage to the 88 Shikoku Sacred Places on Iki Fee: 7,800 yen
Visiting bust statue monuments on Iki Island Fee: 7,800 yen
Walk Around the Restored Imperial Capital Fee: 3,000 yen
Visiting Mongolian Invasion Historic Spots Fee: 7,800 yen
Visiting the Island’s Power Stones of the Gods Fee: 7,800 yen
Ancient Burial Mound Tour Fee: 3,000 yen
>>See more detailed information on the experiences offered here

Important information
Recommendation of Taking out Domestic Travel Damage Insurance
In order to relax and enjoy your travel, it is recommended that you are insured.
Regarding the Use of Personal Information

1) To the extent that is necessary for the arrangement of the provided services, your personal contact, shipping, and lodging information will be shared with the Iki Tourism Federation as well as associated travel agents (hereafter, called stores).
2) The Iki Tourism Federation and stores may use your personal information connected to sold goods, guidance services, opinions, impressions offered, requested surveys and making statistical documents.